Notice Board

  • Maths Olympiad

    Maths Olympiad for classes V-X by SOF will be conducted at school on Dec 4, 2014.

  • Class wise photo session

    Class wise photo session at school from 20 Nov to 22 Nov,2014.

  • T Search Engine

    Hearty Congratulations to T.Nikhil on developing T Search Engine

  • Blind School Orchestra

    Music performance by Blind School Orchestra on Nov 14

  • Dance Festival

    Dance Festival at school on November 14

  • Games and Sports

    Sports Day for all classes from Nov 8 to Nov 13

  • NTSE

    NTSE for X Class Students on Nov 2

  • II Spell Exams

    II Spell exams will be conducted from Nov 3 to Nov 8

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